Dec 20, 2016

21 Ways to Remove Acne Naturally

Everyone would've had spotty. The appearance of acne itself is actually caused by the hole closed pores called follicles dead skin cells and impurities.

If this condition is allowed to continue, then your skin will be very much at risk of dangerous infections.

According to some doctors in, acne generally attack someone who is older than 28 years. This happens because of the age of the hormone testosterone increased dramatically. Thus it is only natural when you frequently attacked teenage acne.

Some of the causes of acne are:
Because offspring (genetic) - inborn
Smoking or frequently exposed to cigarette smoke
Effects of certain drugs
Wear cosmetics that do not match with your face.
The scarcity of clean the skin.

How to Cope with Natural Acne Sand Quickly and Safely

Acne can be divided into several types such as cystic acne, pimples blackheads, and pimples sand. Almost the same as blackheads, pimples relatively smaller sized sand. This acne usually appears clustered around the cheeks, back and even chest.

But you need not worry, because on this occasion I will share some ways to quickly eliminate acne naturally sand which is very powerful. Here are more tips.

1. Tea tree oil (tea tree oil)

Fittingly right with tea tree oil? Yup, this one oil can help reduce the inflammation caused by acne.

In addition, tea tree oil also contains benzoyl peroxide compound which is quite useful to reduce the production of acne-causing bacteria.

How to remove acne with tea tree oil sands:
Provide the best quality tea tree oil as needed
Make sure the face is clean, then apply this oil price
Allow the oil soak for approximately 30 menitan
Rinse with warm water until clean to wear.

2. Tomatoes

Tomato enriched with vitamin E and potassium which is good enough to care for the skin. Not cuman rid of acne only pretty, but tomatoes can also brighten your skin naturally. Prove yourself deh!

The natural way to remove acne sand with tomatoes:
Shopping one fresh tomatoes into two parts
Apply each hemisphere to the area of ​​facial acne
Let stand about half an hour until absorbed
Furthermore, end with wearing warm water rinse.

3. Sulfur or sulfur

Sulfur or sulfur experts now widely used for the treatment of skin health. According to the study of various skin diseases such as tinea versicolor, ringworm, warts, boils, and acne can be resolved with a water bath containing a compound of this one.

Sulfur is useful to reduce inflammation, remove dead skin cells that cause acne, kills bacteria, skin tightening, and so forth. You can find a bath of warm water containing sulfur to treat acne sand.

4. Zinc and vitamin A

Vitamin A is found in green leafy vegetables and carrots. Type of vitamin is quite beneficial for maintaining healthy skin, so it can help speed up the healing process of acne or prevent it from coming back.

Usually vegetables that contain vitamin A also contains zinc. Consumption of food sources of zinc such as spinach, beef, fish, and brown rice can help reduce the production of facial oil, where the excess oil is likely to be the cause of acne.

5. The egg white

The egg white is already widely used to treat the face. High protein content therein can secrete excess oil on the face, thereby reducing the appearance of acne sand.

How to remove acne with egg white sand:
Prepare the chicken egg. Then take the egg white
Beat the egg whites last minute and then apply to all parts of facial acne
Please allow up to approximately 15-20 minutes to absorb
After that, rinse with warm water until clean. It's easy?

6. Cucumber

For those of you who can not stand the stench of egg whites, you should use only cucumber. Both have the same efficacy anyway. In addition to relieving acne sand, cucumber also useful to refresh the skin.

How to remove acne sand with cucumbers:
Cucumber slices with a thickness of 1-2 cm
Paste cucumber slices before the acne area to sand
Let the stick for 30 minutes
Perform routine after each shower.

7. Carambola starfruit

Starfruit including one of the fruits are small. The leatherback is different with star fruit in general.

Usually starfruit often used as a food seasoning, such as steamed or vegetable tamarind.

But behind it all, it turns out starfruit has tremendous benefits that can treat acne from the sand.

The trick blender 4 pieces starfruit, then mixed with lime juice as needed. Consume the mixture of at least 1x per day.