Apr 10, 2011

Sarawak For Change : Bloddy Wealth Taib Mahmud


The 10th Sarawak state election will be held on April 16, 2011 after nomination for candidates on April 6, 2011. Two days ago, I received SMS from unknown sender related to this. "RM0.00 Iboh kita gago dengan sidak PKR-DAP-PAS dari semenanjung nun. Daknya mau NGACO kita aja! Kelak abis untung kita diempun daknya! sebarkan kepada Sarawakian "

Translation : " As the people of Sarawak, there's no use to vote for PKR-DAP-PAS. They only want to confiscate the wealth of our country. Please please please and please...foward this to all Sarawakian!! "

Well..what you would think after reading this? and what you will say after watching the video above?? Unbelievable! Sarawak really need to change. Sarawak is the richest country in Malaysia but there's Sarawakian those who still live without adequate basic needs, while their leaders have the very  incredible and unbelievable wealth inside and outside Malaysia. Sarawak really need to change. Enjoy the video above and believe it.