Apr 29, 2011

Contest : Are You Care Enough By Chybeelila

And for the first time in my life as part-time student blogger, MDHAFiZ.NET joined the first contest by chybeelila.com. The thing that make me feel interested to join this contest is because this is the first contest sponsored by her and this will be my first contest I will join.

What the contest is all about? well, I need to be a fan of chybeelila.com on facebook and  choose one of the pictures from her blog and say something about it. The winners will get something interesting from UK. So guys the picture I have chose is :

Why I chose this picture because I do love the scenery. I really love the birds. I wish to fly away up to the sky like a bird. And be free like a bird. Since small, I wish to go to this place, where all the birds are singing in the sky, and I can feel that I believe that I can fly. Pretty girls are everywhere, think of me and sure I'll be there. The picture has been taken perfectly.  And the last but not least, I love the camera that her used to take this picture. That's all from me and I hope with this will make her life better and able to shoot for more interesting pictures.

Happy Blogging Everyone!