Apr 30, 2011

Maharaja Of Jaipur : Indian Boy, 12, Crowned Maharaja Of Jaipur

Maharaja of Jaipur, Kumar Padmanabh Singh sits at his coronation ceremony at the city palace in Jaipur. (STR, AFP)
JAIPUR, India, April 28, (AFP): A 12-year-old boy has been crowned Maharaja of Jaipur, becoming head of what was once one of India’s most glamorous and wealthy royal families.

In a grand marble hall, Kumar Padmanabh Singh was blessed by priests at the coronation ceremony before he walked slowly through the city palace to receive a military guard of honour.

Among his entourage of white-clad aides during Wednesday’s rituals were two bearers armed with fly whisks and another carrying a decorated parasol to protect his head from the glaring sun.

Like all Indian royal titles, the Maharaja of Jaipur is no longer legally recognised after independence from Britain in 1947 and government reforms in the 1970s.

However many royal families are still venerated by locals in their former kingdoms, and they also remain in possession of some of their palaces, forts, jewellery and antiques.

Apr 29, 2011

Contest : Are You Care Enough By Chybeelila

And for the first time in my life as part-time student blogger, MDHAFiZ.NET joined the first contest by chybeelila.com. The thing that make me feel interested to join this contest is because this is the first contest sponsored by her and this will be my first contest I will join.

Apr 27, 2011

New Header For MDHAFiZ.NET

Apr 15, 2011

Make Money Online : My First Adsense Cheque Arrived!

Yeeha my first Adsense Cheque finally arrived! And another second cheque from them will coming soon. Here's a cheque for me after a year with adsense. The amount is only $117.03 but it enough to make me feel great! Thanks god , after a month waiting for it and it finally arrived.

Apr 10, 2011

Sarawak For Change : Bloddy Wealth Taib Mahmud


Apr 8, 2011

Civil Engineering Notes

A week to go for me to make last prepare for my final exam. And now I am on my way to study hard. No more study smart as what I always did before. Oh god, help me. I really need you, I have to pass all the papers especially for the subject that really need calculations. During my study in Diploma In Civil Engineering, I did noticed that I really weak in subject that really need calculations! And of course almost all of the Civil Engineering subject that I study really need calculations.

I need to change all my perception about that. I have to score, not just to pass that subject. I have previously thought to post all the notes related to civil engineering here, since there's not many information about it when I try to search (ask google) for them to do the assignments. So starting from this moment, I will try to write/provide notes for students especially like me those who really damn lazy to go to the library and search for it here. I think it will be interesting to post the notes here while I can study more and more here than others.