Feb 26, 2011

The Power Of Facebook : Be Careful While Facebook-ing!


Everyone of us know what is facebook all about and I dare to say that everyone of us (Those who are reading this) have at least one personal facebook account. And we also know that facebook is the one of the way how we can generate traffic to our website, and many more that related to blogging, and money. I admit that I have more than one facebook account for my personal, and facebook fans that really help me to do my job online.  

For me facebook has more advantages rather than disadvantages, if we are using it in a proper way. Facebook is a place where I can get more friends, old friends, family, knowledge, and so on. But once facebook is going to be a place to find somebody personal information, email, and more thus it will get you and your friends will be in a big trouble. And the problem that I mean is where facebook is going to be a place to get more benefits only for certain individuals by "Hacking" others facebook account to get all important information about others, to be use for their own benefits.  There's a few reasons why "Hackers" love to do this. One of them is to use others information as a fake information for them, helping them to do their job online and another one is just to have fun by hacking somebody facebook profile.

Last 2 days ago, I logged into my facebook account, and shocked when I read this :

There's someone attempts to log into my facebook account from another location that facebook did'nt recognize. Meaning to say that someone attempts to log into my facebook account from the location that I never been there to log into my facebook before. This is the first time I face with this kind of problem and I am lucky that there's not much important personal information I post on facebook wall, and my profile.

I ever studied about "hacking" but never use it to hack someone to get their important information, instead I studied about it just because I curious and wonder to know why the love to do this.

The conclusion is that all of us should be very careful while facebook-ing. Do not put everything about you in your facebook profile. Be a low profile facebook user. And the most important is there's no point to share something that no need to share with your friends.