Feb 11, 2011

Please Take Take Of My Girlfriend : You Will Not See Me That Often Anymore!

It has been so long since I last updated my blog. And I would like to say that I am sorry for not updating these blog. I have decided that I will not always online, here and I need to pay more attention about my studies and decided that no more DiGi Broadband for me to online-ing, chat-ing and all related to it.

Still remember about my recent post about assignments?? why mathematics so hard?? If ya well done! Thanks for being a royal reader of this blog.
And now the question is already answered! I need to study more and do exercise more in order to get a good result for my Engineering Mathematics Subject, Mechanic Structure, and all the subject that need calculations! As an engineering student, I realize that Mathematics is the most important for me.

Did you guys know that the lowest mark I got for Additional Mathematics Subject when I still in form 4??
I only get 2% over 100% !! Wow!! Amazing!! And no wonder if I told you guys that Mathematics is so hard for me before. And from now, I have to do something about it! I have to do a lot of exercise on it! repeat it again and again..

Ok guys, the short story end till here..please take care of my girlfriend (my blog)....because you will not see me that often anymore here...