Jan 28, 2011

Goodbye Nuffnang...

It has been so long since I last login into my nuffnang account. And it has been a year I have been waiting for my first cashout. And until now just after I changed and owned my custom domain name, my earning still the same at RM47.57. I ever contact with them ans asked about that, but unfortunately, there's no reply from them.
3 months has gone so fast. The earning is still the same.And finally I decided I have to tear off my nuffnang ads from my blog.

I really disapointed and  sad with nuffnang system.

Maybe after this I need to forget about my current earning with them and just let it be. Because there's not only nuffnang I can get my extra money online.
There's 1001 ways to make money through internet.

And blogging is also not the only way to get extra money through internet. But it is the most popular answer on how you can get extra money through internet.

To get extra money while blogging is the most popular way to get extra money through internet. Almost all blogs nowadays have at least one advertisement to display to their visitors with hope that their visitors can click on their ads thus make the owner of the blog will have a big smile.

Big Smileys 

And will never say goodbye to their ads, unless if the ads can't give you extra money just like what has happened to me just now. You will be sad when your ads didn't work for you and always sleep as long as it can be, then there's no extra money for you.

Goodbye Nuffnang, sleep well...I'll wake you up when September Ends...