Jan 21, 2011

Frenbook.Net...Another Facebook From INDONESIA..

Do you ever think about to create your own social website better than facebook, and greater than twitter or friendster?

And as  for me, the answer is yes. Since there's so many books created from day to day.

These kind of "book" really make me curious to know how come they can do that as easy as 123??? There's might be secret behind it right? (The peoples behind the scene) Before this, I have posted about JakWiran, the book that 99.99%  look alike like facebook.com.

Frankly speaking, since I become a part-time blogger until now, I admit that Indonesia have many pro-bloggers and underground hackers that really-really damn expert on IT!!

And from that time also I did study about them anf from them a bit..slowly..and steady..

To study a bit about them and to gain a bit useful knowledge of IT from them is something  interesting. Not to harm others but for me it is more to getting useful knowledge that will never teach in school.

Can I create my own "book" ? maybe yes..and maybe not. Can I be famous like Mark Zukerberg? the owner of facebook.com?

To be the owner of www.mdhafiz.net is still OK for me as long as I get study and study more about internet.

Hmm..I really want to meet with this owner of the "book" .
Can you teach me how to create another book for me??

I bet for you all out there, if you can create your own "book" like facebook and these others "book" I am pretty sure that you can be rich as rich as Donald Trump and famous as Mark Zuckerberg.