Jan 5, 2011

Assignment..Oh..assignment...Why Math so difficult??

New Year 2011 has begun...with assignments that need to be done...
O..god..it is so fun..and I do not know why.

The more assignment I get, the more stronger I am.
Because I really hate to bring all that tasks at home. This short semester I decided that I want to go back at home to spend time with my family more than the previous semester.

This second semester will be a short semester because I will having the final exam at the end of the month of April. (Suppose to be )

I need to study more..I can't wait to leave this place and go far away..back to my secret place....ha ha ha..
I want to show that I am the one, the one who can do better than you.

O god..this new year..I promise, I want to study more. (hopefully.. ) I want to leave this place as soon as possible, as fast as I can.

Oh ya...for your information, I am not the one who loves mathematics. but I am the one who have to love it. Because in engineering mathematics is needed.
In our class there are two students which really good in Mathematics. And I hate them so much! Not because they are good in mathematics, I said it like that bacause I want to try to be like them..or maybe better than them.

Starting from today, that will be my goal and my dream of the new year 2011.

Do you guys loves mathematics??? Any tips for me ? Do you think that mathematics is very-very easy as easy as 123???
hmmm...I really hate that subject. But today, I am going to loves it.
Here's a video for you guys. Enjoy ya...