Jan 1, 2011

2010 In Review.....Welcome 2011...Happy New Year!!

Hello guys..once again..the owner of this blog want to wish you a Happy New Year..
Nothing else I would like to say. It has been a year I have be in here. Meaning to say that it already a year I have blogging. Time gone so fast. 2010 will leave us and the 2011 will welcoming us..

Hope that 2011 will bring more luck for me and for you guys too...
Don't forget to "Solat Hajat" and "zikir" for those who thinks that he/she is a muslim....

New Year doesn't mean you must celebrate it with having party with your friends..jumping here and there..and so on.. but New Year for me must be celebrate in a right way with our own religion.

And these post would be my first update for the year 2011.

Here is the plans for the year 2011

1. Will cashout my first Adsense earning ( When I feel I ..have to.. )
2. Nuffnang?? Hmm...please la... 
3. More active on blogging.
4. Get good result for my 2nd semester with 3.60 pointer ( 1st semester I got 3.50 only..) need 0.10 point   more.

5. Get a girlfriend.... (haahaa.. I never touch a girl before... please la..god..send me an angel..please la..) Hmm...nobody like me..how come ah??


6. Study more....let peoples know..who am I..

Happy New Year friends......


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