Jan 31, 2011

Maher Zain - InsyaAllah (Malay Version)

My First Simple Video (Slide Show) created by myself and my first uploaded video to youtube from me. This isn't a good video created by me, but I hope you guys will enjoy it. Thank You.

Jan 28, 2011

Goodbye Nuffnang...

It has been so long since I last login into my nuffnang account. And it has been a year I have been waiting for my first cashout. And until now just after I changed and owned my custom domain name, my earning still the same at RM47.57. I ever contact with them ans asked about that, but unfortunately, there's no reply from them.
3 months has gone so fast. The earning is still the same.And finally I decided I have to tear off my nuffnang ads from my blog.

I really disapointed and  sad with nuffnang system.

Jan 21, 2011

Frenbook.Net...Another Facebook From INDONESIA..

Do you ever think about to create your own social website better than facebook, and greater than twitter or friendster?

And as  for me, the answer is yes. Since there's so many books created from day to day.

These kind of "book" really make me curious to know how come they can do that as easy as 123??? There's might be secret behind it right? (The peoples behind the scene) Before this, I have posted about JakWiran, the book that 99.99%  look alike like facebook.com.

Frankly speaking, since I become a part-time blogger until now, I admit that Indonesia have many pro-bloggers and underground hackers that really-really damn expert on IT!!

And from that time also I did study about them anf from them a bit..slowly..and steady..

Jan 14, 2011

UK Police Use Proton Cars??

Hello guys. Did you proud with your own local car? I mean that did you proud of using your national car such as Proton , Perodua, and Modenas?
Who's using proton's car here? And I am the one who using my cute Perodua Kelisa to bring mom to the market.

Not much to say here, but confuse, and curious.
Hmmm..did you believe on this?
Proton Car is now in use as a Police car in UK?

Sound weird..so weird.. what the first thing comes across your mind when you see this? Proud?
And frankly speaking, even though I am not the one of Proton's fans, but as a Malaysian, I have to.
Now Proton is well known in UK.

Jan 6, 2011

Free Wordpress Web Hosting now available!

Free wordpress hosting is now available at HostCommando.com. This good news I just got from facebook today. And now you can sign up for free wordpress hosting with them. There' are 3 months trial wordpress hosting. It nice to have one for me. But it's too late already since I am not really active on blogging.

There's many things I need to do other than blogging.

Since there's no interesting things that I want to post here, and I still can't sure about the free wordpress hosting by HostCommando.com, whether it works for you or not, why don't you try it. It might works for you.

Hmm.. maybe I need to sacrifice my Adsense for Domain  domain name after this.. oh no!!!
Or do I need to sacrifice this blog domain name? Hmm... maybe yes..maybe not.
Whatever it is...good luck for those who want to try for it.

Jan 5, 2011

Assignment..Oh..assignment...Why Math so difficult??

New Year 2011 has begun...with assignments that need to be done...
O..god..it is so fun..and I do not know why.

The more assignment I get, the more stronger I am.
Because I really hate to bring all that tasks at home. This short semester I decided that I want to go back at home to spend time with my family more than the previous semester.

This second semester will be a short semester because I will having the final exam at the end of the month of April. (Suppose to be )

I need to study more..I can't wait to leave this place and go far away..back to my secret place....ha ha ha..
I want to show that I am the one, the one who can do better than you.

O god..this new year..I promise, I want to study more. (hopefully.. ) I want to leave this place as soon as possible, as fast as I can.

Jan 1, 2011

2010 In Review.....Welcome 2011...Happy New Year!!

Hello guys..once again..the owner of this blog want to wish you a Happy New Year..
Nothing else I would like to say. It has been a year I have be in here. Meaning to say that it already a year I have blogging. Time gone so fast. 2010 will leave us and the 2011 will welcoming us..

Hope that 2011 will bring more luck for me and for you guys too...
Don't forget to "Solat Hajat" and "zikir" for those who thinks that he/she is a muslim....

New Year doesn't mean you must celebrate it with having party with your friends..jumping here and there..and so on.. but New Year for me must be celebrate in a right way with our own religion.