Dec 1, 2010

Welcome To MDHAFiZ.NET !!

As I promise, I finally change again my domain name of this blog for the 4th times in my life as a part-time student blogger like me. Well, maybe this will be the last changes of my blog domain name. You know what it is too hard searching for my new domain because there's a zillion of person have a same name with me. Thus make me need to think carefully what will my new domain looks like.

And is finally already taken by me. Actually I want to get .com domain for this blog but it seems so hard to get it because there's many peoples already (tapao) all the nice .com domain name. So like it or not I still need to have a new domain for this blog as I promised. Alhamdulillah..I fulfill my promise.

Hmm...suppose to transfer from Blogger to Wordpress soon but maybe need time too because I am no longer will be always sit in front of my laptop as what I did usually. This blog  pun x berupdate lagi..And need money also. Anyone here can sponsor me?? Maybe need to wait till my nuffnang cheque to arrive! Nuffnang oh Nuffnang.. so long I wait for you. How could you let me waiting like this? I really loves you.. so lonely now..please come to me...

For your information, there's one thing that I would like to share here about my final exam result.....
Alhamdulillah, thanks god.. I got 3.50 pointer!!
I don't know what can I say. There's nothing than thank you for all my friends, and my parents. Thanks God for this awards!!
Ha Ha Ha..sound weird??

Ok guys, next week will start study again. Semester break is already finished for me. And for the readers of this blog, Thank you for coming!