Dec 30, 2010

Make Money Online : Advertlets Give Me RM 20 For Free

Heya.. all the bloggers and the readers..
How have you been? Still OK with all your businees? Blogging??
Ok enough, let we now move to the main point. The point that maybe will make you happy to hear it..or.. maybe not. what I always tell peoples that blogging is interesting, today I really happy to post about the first programme  I joined when I first become a part-time student blogger when I was 16. 

It has been so long since I last login to my Advertlets account. Hmmm.. maybe for about a year. Because Nuffnang willing to give me more $$$, so I forget about Advertlets, few months ago and fight for my "Glitterati" status for it. And finally.. my "Glitterati" status come back to me. 
But until now, I nuffnang still not run!! my earning still RM47!! Haiz.. what the hell happen there.. o my goodness... thus it make me feel so lazy to nuffnang-ing.

Just a few days ago, I just remember about Advertlets. The ideas comes suddenly into my mind thus make me curious about it. Because I still remember my last earning with them before I tear off their ads from my site is on RM 4.00 ++!! So I accidentally login to my Advertlets account and was really suprised by them because my account there got RM20.00 ++ !! 

Wow.. so nice Adverlets... thank you very much.. seriously.. I do not know where the money comes from. 
So now there's no longer Bidvertiser ads appear on my site since I already fall in love with my first-love, Adverlets.. Ha.. Ha.. Ha...

Whatever lah Advertlets, Nuffnang, you still my best-onlinefriend forever (maybe lah..) because Nuffnang give me back my "Glitterati" status that no use at all, and Advertlets give me extra RM15 ++ for me to do nothing.

Maybe that RM15 is not a free for me but the earning for me last year because if I not mistaken, last year Advertlets got many problems with almost all bloggers (like me) that time. Or... maybe not... ah.. lazy to think about it..

Whatever it is... thanks god.....
For those who ever sign up for Advertlets, quicly login into your account now. Who knows they will give you RM100 for free!! Got someone told me that Advertlets already upgrade their service. So there's no need to worry about the payment again. So guys.. what do you think?? Lets wait and see..

p/s: Waiting for my 1st cash out from nuffnang is just like to wait for the moon to fall down comes to me!! even though I signed up for it before  Adbrite and Adsense!!