Dec 30, 2010

Goodbye 2010..Hello 2011!!

Goodbye 2010..Hello 2011!!

It seems like this blog loves to talk about the tips on how you can earn extra money through internet. But frankly speaking, I am not the one who knows all about how to make extra money from internet for you to pay for your school fee, broadband, top-up, and many more. What I want to share here is " it's better than never " the words that really make me feel touch... ouch!! 

"Please believe me lah bro..." even though I know I am not other pro-blogger like many peoples talk out there. But believe me lah bro.. newbie also still can make a buck just for making some stupid things with their laptop! Hmm..sound silly??

Maybe sound silly for those who didn't know what is meant by internet.
Hmm.. I am not going to talk about money here. Tired to think about it again and again. So now I am going to tell you that I want to start " Jual Barang" to get more money to pay for my many more...

Since I not always on the internet, so I decided to "Jual Barang " to get more than here. What I meant by "Jual Barang " here is I am now already become a good-senior student to " let go" my  old notes related to my last semester to my junior. At least I can get a buck rather than I get nothing!! Am I right?  At least the junior will thanks to me for helping them to do their assignment and provide the goods and useful notes for them, and also willing to teach them ( hopefully.. )

Oh ya.. before I stop here, new year is just around the corner. And Christmas is also will coming soon. Because I am not the one who celebrate Christmas, I think it's ok for me to wish you all Happy New year. And hope that this coming new year will bring more luck to us! I also need to "let go" and say goodbye to year 2010.
So many good things happened to me this year. Hope this coming new year 2011 will make me more become a human..more matured than before..

Goodbye 2010...Hello 2011!!