Nov 3, 2010

Make Money Online : I Get Back My Glitterati Status From Nuffnang!

It has been a long time ago when I fist sign up for nuffnang. I still remember Nuffnang is the 2nd PPC like programme that I joined just after I become a part-time blogger to earn extra money thgrough internet.
To be serious, I can't make more money through it. After a year joined them, I only manage to get RM47!!
Nuffnang is a PPC like programme which you can make profit by display their ads on your blog.

Last week I try to login to my Nuffnang account and I was really shocked that They already upgraded my status from Non-Glitterati Member to a Glitterati Member! And I do not know why all this happened.
Maybe because I have tear off my Advertlets ads and many others ads that I joined before because I prefer to use Adsense. What was the most important thing that I want to tell here is that I only manage to get RM47 after a year with them. But It's OK for a beginner blogger like me. There's still many bloggers outside there who only manage to get a little bucks after a year blogging.  For those  who want to start making money online, Nuffnang is the chosen one by me.

Even though their ads always sleep and sleep till there's no ads by them display here, but I think Nuffnang is better than Advertlets!!

Based on my experience, sign up for one Advertlets account and display their ads on your blog is just wasting my time. I already get back my Glitterati status from Nuffnang, so from now I can earn more $$ per click than others Non-Glitterati members.
Thank You Nuffnang.....