Nov 18, 2010

"Make Money Online" - Ads Niaga, New Adsense From Malaysia!

Getting fed up and bored with Adsense? Check this out! AdsNiaga.Com, the new adsense alternative from Malaysia! Still using Adbrite? Bidvertiser?? Chitika?? And still waiting for your first cashout from them? While waiting why not you try this out?
I just found this website yesterday,  I think this programme is still new in Malaysia, curious about it thus I joined them yesterday.

Because who knows, it will help you for tomorrow. For you information, this programme just like Adsense, but it is a bit different because you can use this ads wherever you want to. It can be use both on English or Malay blog. It is a new PPC  from Malaysia that might similar to Adsense that can replace Adsense someday.

Ok guys, since Adsense not allowed you to put your Adsense on your Malay blog, this is the chance for you to get more $$$ while blogging. Well, there's no use to talk long for it. For more information, just move "here" 

Frankly speaking, I have try many PPC programmes so far. But for my conlusion, there's  nothing else can beat Adsense. But to have one Adsense account, It might be really difficult. And Adsense alternatives is a new way for you.

It has becomes a part of daily life of the bloggers nowadays to make money online. But remember, blogging is just not about to make money.

PPC programme is the most favourite programme by bloggers to make profit while they are blogging. Because PPC is the fastest way to get more money online than affiliate. Am I right? PPC stand for (Pay Per Click) which you will get pay for every click ads on your website. The more clicks you get, the more money you will have. Thus almost all bloggers have at least one Adsense account or other PPC programmes like "nuffnang", "adbrite", "bidbertiser", "chitika", "clicksor" and many more programme that can make money for you. But believe me, affiliate also can give you more than what you can get now.

Ok guys, I will leave you here. Have a nice day and happy blogging.