Nov 5, 2010

First Tagged From Mr Fit!!

This is my first answered tag from Mr Fit. But This is not my first tag from other bloggers that always and love to do this (play this game.) I don't know if it is interesting to do this. I hope this will make us to get more closer as a big family.
Ok guys, here is all the answered for him :

1. What is the most important thing in your life?
- My Family-

2. The last thing that you bought with your own money?
-DiGi Broadband-

3. Where you want to get married..and the themes is??
- Wherever she want to, as long as she loves me  ~

4. Are you in love now?
-Of course !! no ~ ;-( will you find someone for me???

5.How long  you have been  love your girlfriend?
- No girlfriend yet... how come?? 

6. The last novel/book that you bought?
- hhmmm... don't remember la bro...... -

7. What is you full NAME??
-  Well.. this is the most tough and hardest question to answer..... but for you guys I will....
    Just click About The Blogger tab there!! HAHAHA 

8. Are you more friendly with your parents?
- Yes...of course...

9. When is your birthday and where did you celebrated it past year?
- 23/01/1992 .... at home, with my family...

10. Tell me 3 things about the blogger that tagged you. 
- A Man
- A Blogger
- Handsome.... ( But "Me" More Handsome than him ) HAHAHA

So that all my answered for him Now here's others bloggers that I want to tag. 

P/s : My job done! It's your turn to complete this assignment.. btw, next week my last paper for final exam. wish me luck yea? 

It all up to you, if you want to answered all the questions... actually I have been tagged for many times but I never answered and reply them. And today all questions have been answered. 

Sorry for those who are not listed here. There's too bloggers that I want to tag. But I can't list all of you.
Have a nice day guys.