Nov 8, 2010

Finally... It's Over!! "Motosikal Balik Kampung!! "

My Final Exam is finally over today. Alhamdulillah.. tomorrow I can go "balik kampung". Never thought that I will finished my first semester early than others. Actually I am not the one who can go back early and having holiday at home but there's another students early than that, that have been sleep and having their lunch time and holiday with their family at home because there's still many works to do here. Oh ya, tomorrow I need to attend the course and interview organized by CIDB. So there's no point to sleep early today and do stupid jobs as usually.So there's no Balik Kampung for tomorrow.

At the end, I will be the last person to checkout from the hostel. But tonight I will packing all my belongings and will ready to go home as early as I can just after the interview that organized by CIDB.
Actually during this holidays, I will not at home. I will having my holidays just 2 weeks after the final exam is over, then I need to go back to sleep at CIDB hostel for a week  to attend a course and do (whatever
they ask me to do ) because as long as they pay for me.

Maybe none or only a little of us here knows about CIDB, ( Construction Industry Delevopment Board Malaysia). So now I hope you guys know and understand what I am going to do there, that all related to my study and construction. I will  be a part-time labor soon, and my skin will be more dark than before.