Nov 26, 2010

CIDB, GreenCard, Maybank, And Me...

Finally, after a week attending a course organised by CIDB, today will be  my last day in CIDB. Sweet home Kuching, I really miss her because since my first holiday I never have time to go "jalan-jalan" outside, hanging with friends, and many more job that usually will done by all student when it comes to a semester break.

And next week I will start my next semester. Time gone so fast till I didn't notice that I am going older and older!

I am so excited to attend the course here. 2 days for theory, and another 2 days for pactical. 2 days working in site make my face become dark again! Hmm...and that week also I received my greencard from CIDB.

A bit about CIDB, it stand for "Contruction Industry Development Board Malaysia" It was establish in Malaysia in year 1993, and officially start their operation in year 1994, to control the quality of construction materials. And for more information, just go to "here" because I am not going to talk about it here.

Whatever it is, today I will checkout from CIDB hostel. And today I am going to create my Maybank account to ease all my business here. Hmm.. FYI, I not yet create my Maybank account, and will have one soon because I have not much time to do it. I hope after this all my online job and business will run faster and better than before. With that, I am no longer will wait for several months to receive cheque from Adsense, pay fee for my broadband, and many more related to online programme.

I feel that I like to buy new domain for this blog. But still not decide about the name yet.I have no idea now. Hmm.. will you help me to find a nice name for me?

Today also I will get my final exam today! Oh God..please help me...
Hope today I will get my good result with smile...insyaAllah....