Nov 20, 2010

Blog Oh Blog...

As we already know, blogging becomes more popular and interesting from day to day. There's a zillion of blogs created in every single day. Blogging is not about how you can get money online but as for me, blogging is interesting.

The place where you can share your life to the world. Sometime after tired working here and there, study for the whole day, I will visit my own blog. And read what I have posted.  I have not much friends. And sometime I feel alone all the time. Because of that, I created this blog to share my life, my way, and the things that need to be shared among us. So this is my way, give all what is on my mind to the world.

What I am going to share here is something that all bloggers need to know. Blogwalking is one of the way to get more traffic to our blog. The more traffic you get then the more smile will you have. But sometime there is some blogs that really annoying me. The blog that make me feel lazy to visit and annoying me for all the blogwalking session. Ready to know the types of blog that annoyed me? And here is the answer :

 Autoplay Music!

For your information, I really love music. And everytime I turn on my laptop, do my job, I will have my favourite music with me while doing my business. To put music on your blog is really interesting and it is good because at least I know that you love music. But sometime it might make your visitor feel annoying. And the same goes to me, while hearing my  favourite music while blogwalking, I can accidentally  hear something that not nice to hear, something that annoying me thus destroying my  feelings to hear my favourite music.

It is very nice if you put "not" or manualplay-music in your blog because sometime I will get bored to hear the same type of music or song for the whole day .So  I will find new things to make me smile to click "play" button to hear your favourite song. 

So bloggers, what you will say about it? what do you think about it? does it nice to put music for your blog? hhmm hard to say, different bloggers, will have different answer. I ever put music here once, but finally I tear it off, because my blog become slow as slow as it can be..
thus nobody want to visit my blog.