Oct 13, 2010

Menghitung Hari...Detik Demi Detik...

3 weeks more to go for me to finish my 1st semester...I count day by day..night by night and my final exam for this semester actually just around the corner. Bravo!! Thanks god for giving me strength to be in here. 
But do you know that I really hate to be here?I hate being forced by others, because I will and  never do the best for it. O God, should I sacrifice all these because of someone else?  This is not what I want. This is not my choice. But I also realise, I need to be success, I have to stand a bit more. 3 years is not so long, and not so far.

God, I believe, I am not alone.. and the angles will always be beside me. I will fulfil my promise,  I have to make them proud of me.
My almighty god..

If all these is a test from you, I will accepted it willingly.. 
I have to be success, I need to be success, and I will do my best. 
InsyaAllah..... :-)

Time gone so fast. My final exam will coming soon. And I will finish my 1st semester. I want to stay at home after this, even though there's only 2 weeks holiday after the final exam. Wish me luck yea..