Oct 10, 2010

Make Money Online : "Bidvertiser"

Hello wolrd..long time no see. I'm going to be lazy and lazy to update my blog and I still do not know why. First of all, I would like to (wth with my words and the title up there..) tell you guys I'm going to finish my 1st semester! Bravo!! Ok let us forget about that and move to the main topic.
Still remember about my recent post about I have get paid from Adbrite? If not, please browse yourself here. This entry is specially for the beginner bloggers like me which interested in making money through internet. 

We already know that Adsense is the most powerful and amazing money machine nowadays and I was the one of the fans using Adsense as my main annually income (not monthly income ah..please..). Bidvertiser is  one of the programme, PPC other than Adsense that can make money for you. Since the difficulties of applying for your Adsense account..so why not you try this while waiting your Adsense account being approved by Google. I still remember at 1st I apply for Adsense. It is hard to get approved by Google for one Adsense account! I try 3-6 time, all rejected by Google. But at the last and the final attempt.. and two days after that  I finally manage to create my own Adsense (Money Machine) account and display the ads here. But now, I can create one new Adsense account for just about in hour to be approved... :-) 

After Adbrite paid me, I curious about the other PPC programme like Bidvertiser. Does it really works for me or not. Whether they really pay me like Adbrite or Adsense. Those who read this and ever get paid from Bidvertiser, please share your experience with Bidvertiser here. So guys have a good try...and have a nice day!