Oct 20, 2010

Google Adwords Free Advertising Voucher

Hello guys. Just 3 days ago when I'm going back to my home, I asked my dad, ii there's something for me? and he replied, yea, there's a voucher for you. I go and get that voucher. It is a voucher from Google Adwords! Wow.. Google always make me smile..and smile again..
I got RM150 Google Adword Free Advertising Voucher. Alhamdulillah.....

Actually I do not know what I'm going to promote through Adword. But when I think about it again and again, I suddenly remember one thing, I need to use that voucher even though I still not find yet a nice keywords and which product to promote through Adwords. Moreover Google give me time until the end of this month. If not, the value of the voucher will drops from RM150 to RM100.

For those who still blur about Adwords, Google Adwords is a Google's online advertising programme, that you can easily place your ads in front of potential customers at the exact moment they search on Google for your products and services. And for more information about it, just go here :  Google Adwords

You can promote whatever you want to promote through Google Adwords. 
Ok guys we stop here..and there is a word I want to say....
working with Google is interesting...