Oct 26, 2010

DiGi BroadBand : Always The Smarter Choice?

"Always The Smarter Choice"

Since I have received cheque from Adbrite Last Month, I think I would like to have my own broadband since here there's really not really nice wi-fi connection in Polytechnic. Everytime I want to use internet, I need to go to cafeteria, bring my laptop from 9-11pm. Internet has become a part of my daily life. I do study through internet, do my job through internet, and so many more.
After doing my survey, I have choose to have DiGi Broadband, Discover Plan, with quota 3GB, Because of it is Always The Smarter Choice, so I chose DiGi.

But there's only one thing that I want to talk here, I can't acess internet when I'm at home. There's no  coverage here in my house! OMG, I really didn't noticed about that. So now should I change it? If there's a suggestion? If there's other broadband that better than DiGi?  I only use it while in campus, and streamyx while in home. But so far, I'm quite satisfy with DiGi... :-)
"I have streamyx at home, but when I'm  not at home, I really need Internet!"