Sep 29, 2010

Make Money Online : My First Adbrite Cheque Arrived!!

My 1st Adbrite Cheque Arrived! It has been a long period waiting for her to arrived actually. Finally USD50 cheque from Adbrite make me happy all the time since I become a part time student blogger, and learning on how to make money online. At first I thought that Adbrite (Cheat me since I'm still new in this kind of business) did'nt pay me for that because I already waiting 3 months (if I not mistaken) for the cheque to arrive. And for the 1st time using Adbrite, (After Adsense) I really hate the system (actually I'm too lazy to know) when they will pay me and how to cashout my earning from Adbrite (Since I used Adsense as my main annually income through internet). After tired Adbrite-ing finally I tear off my Adbrite ads on my website. 

Didn't expect that last 3 days, I went back home from Polytechnic Kuching Sarawak, I noticed something that look interesting on the table. The logo make me feel curious thus I quickly go and get the white envelope. 
I was too excited  and shocked. It' s a cheque from Adbrite!! 
After a year blogging, and still learning about blogging and how to make money online, my 1st USD 50 is finally is on my hand. Then I realise, I need to be more serious if I want to get more that that. After this, I hope I will learn something new about blogging and internet marketing to get another USD100.

Here, I would like to thanks for those who teach me about make money online and all about blogging, and all my friends that willing to  visit my blog and leave comments for me. I would like to put back my Abdrite ads here soon!