Jun 13, 2010

Semakan PTPTN 2010 (Wang Pinjaman Pendahuluan WPP)

For all last 2009 SPM candidates, you can check whether you will receive "Wang Pinjaman Pendahuluan" WPP "here" to help you in order to further your study soon. Thanks god I'm the lucky one who will receive this amount of money RM1,500 from the government to further my study,

I was very suprised when I check mine yesterday. But I wonder how to get it? Which bank should I go for? And for those who know about PTPTN, please come here to share with me. And those who know how to apply online, you may share with me here. 

FYI, this blog will closed soon, (temporary) . I need to manage everything that need to be done before I'm going to stay in hostel and start my study next week. I need to catch up many things. This is my last week here before I will going to start study and stay in hostel.