Jun 15, 2010

Mangga Ads, New Advertising Program To Earn Some Money

Hello guys. Did you ever heard about Mangga Ads? If not I will explain to you. Mangga Ads is a new advertising program In Malaysia. For me, whatever it stand for, Since It is still new with me, I curious to try. And I decided to join it. Here is what I have learn form Mangga Ads.

"ManggaOnline Ad Network is a Social Performance Advertising Network."

By default, we make payments when you reach a minimum balance of $50. You may also choose to change the limit in your dashboard if you wish – the lowest minimum is $25. There's no need to explain one by one here.
For more information, just "Click Here"

Now I have move from Advertlets to Mangga Ads. There's no more Advertlets on my blog now, since I think I no need ads by Advetlets for now. My Earning form last year untill now, still the same, not less nor increases. I wonder why? Can people here tell me why? So how about you?  Curious about it? Why don't you just try for fun?

Happy Blogging Everyone!!

Goodbye Advertlets...It's time for me to let you go for a while..will see you again next time..