Jun 11, 2010

Boycott Israel, Boycott "Kontera"

Ever heard about Kontera before? I already post about Kontera on my recent post before If I not mistaken. Not many of us know about Kontera. For those who curious about it, just "Click Here" to read my post about Kontera here. If  I not mistaken, there's a Kontera people who reply and explained about my problem with them. But unfortunately, I no need an explanation about it anymore. Kontera, which has offices in both US and Israel has been open their new office in Israel. These are the pictures I got from facebook before through their facebook fan page. For more detail, "Click Here" .

I have being a Kontera User last year. But Finally I have to choose to tear off my Kontera Ads from my website just after realise that Kontera doesn't help me a lot to earn some money through my website, since there's a lack of Ads to display by Kontera for me. What a shame.
I only manage to get $0.50 from Kontera.

Since there's Israeli people behind the scene, my decision to tear off my Kontera Ads on my website last month is a good choice.

But for those who still want to try, just "Click Here"