Jun 9, 2010

..." Ba Alif Ba Ya....

Recently I read the newspaper that make me laugh loudly non-stop 10 minutes until my parent ask me to stop laughing! Dad, how could you...he ask me why are laughing? I replied.. do I need to ask for permission to laugh?
Yeah..I'll stop laughing.. Just forget about it. 
I want to share something here. Look at the picture above. "BABI MENGANDUNG" doesn't it sound weird?? silly?? stupid?? When suddenly you find this at supermarket? It suppose to be "MENGANDUNGI BABI" Am I right? I wonder who are those people..those who cannot write properly.. When I saw this picture, it led me to remember one thing..
B to-the A to-the B to-the I = ???? Answer is....  

I have many Chinese cousins. But all they're muslim. So we can't eat pork. But one of my cousin ever taste (Accidentally)  how it feel. ( Eat Pork??? ) So from that day, he (We) stop be friendly with our non-muslim chinese. I mean, not to ignore them but to have less time with them, so that they don't cheat on us, and learn from us that WE CANNOT EAT PORK. 
I ask him.. does it taste good?? He replied... "c****" !! what question is that? Mockering me ??
I ask again.. so why did you eat it? He replied... they ask me to eat when we're in restaurant. I already told them that I don't want to eat that thing before. Oh Maybe they forget. 

WTF. They forget just after 2 minutes after you told them? Haiz.. whatever lah.. 
So the moral value now is... stop laughing ?? HAHAHA..
Serious Joking.. 

That is a story about me, and my family.. not to blame on other peoples, but just to remember that we must repect each others, no matter whether you're Muslim, Buddhist or Christian..
Guys, I'm proud to have many friends from all religions and race here. 
Skin colour, religions, hope  will never be a reason for us to be apart. There's no different between us, we're all the same..