Jun 18, 2010

Another Facebook Alternative, Jakwiran, A New Place To Meet

Nowadays, many people and bloggers busy talking about Facebook, Failbook, Millatfacebook, and many more book that make me crazy to try all of them!! So pity me. That is my natural habits since I was born in 1992. The one who really loves to try something new, and that is me.

So now I don't want to miss  to promote you guys about another amazing book. This is what we called Jakwiran.Com!! This  I just know a bit about it. This site was built by the Indonesian! Proud of Indonesian! If Mark Zuckerberg proud of his Facebook, you're wrong! we also can do like what he did. Still remember about Millatfacebook by Omer Zaheer and the gangs from Pakistan? If you think that Mark Zuckerberg is the one who can change the world, you're totally wrong, because I strongly believe that "one mind can change one world"  Change your mind, you will change your world.

Since I don't understand Indonesian language very well, so just click to figure out more about this book.

p/s : I also want to create my own book like facebook! Anyone can be my partner? HAHAHA