May 3, 2010

Who Said Orang Utan Cannot Cycling?

Walking Grass aka Rumput Berjalan

See..who said orang utan do not know how to use bicycle. Here's the proof. I never seen orang utan know how to cycling. Only now I realise that orang utan aka orang rumput also know how to use bicycle.

Didn't believe it? please believe it. Yeah..I just get this funny picture recently through my facebook. And I feel so funny when I 1st don't know what this picture all about.
Only after look at this picture twice then I know, it might be a human, not a orang utan as what I mention above lol.

I can't imagine if I were him. I think if I were him, just in a minute, I will drown! Drown in the air. Or maybe end up with an accident. I don't know where that guy want to sent that things.. it led me to think where it should be sent. For those who watch this, please don't try this at home..but in toilet you may lol!!

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