May 7, 2010

Try To Sleep With A Broken Heart?

Ever had a bad dream before? And ever try to sleep with a broken heart? Actually that what is happened to me now. I can't sleep well recently, thinking of my future. I keep thinking of who I am, and what will I be after this. I have failed to get into IPTA and still blur what to do.

And I am confuse too, why I am not selected to go for IPTA . Got someone who only got single or only 2A for SPM still can go for University, but I am NOT!! Why should be like this? I wonder how they work on it? choosing people to get into universities.

Whatever it is, I talk to myself that, it must be something wrong with "myself." Be cool, maybe this is not my time and I still got chances out there. It might be a test for me from god. For those who succeed to get into universities after this, well done! congratulations to you.

p/s: Sorry for the picture above. I do not have any other nice picture to display on this entry's title

FYI, that is my part time job in home. Since I have nothing to do now. So I like to take pictures around me, anywhere anytime.Would you like to be like me? Dare to take a picture of a crocodile like what I have done in the picture above? Unbelievable? Believe it..