May 19, 2010

Say Goodbye To Kontera..

Did you guys ever heard about Kontera? If not let me explain to you. How about if I say that kontera is a kind of Japanese Food? Yeah..serious..I'm lying..

Ok now let straight to the point. Kontera is PPC program, just like Adsense, but it's a bit different, that enables you to be a publiser on "In-Text" ads in your website...and bla bla bla...
For more information..just read the whole story here at  Kontera  but wait until you finish read this whole my story about Kontera.

For those who want to try to earn some money through it..and lazy to read my full story because you want some money, just go here....

It has been quite long since I last joined Kontera. At frist, I am quite satisfied with my current earning through it. But at the end, I tear off my Kontera ads on my blog, since there're no ads from Kontera to display..At first, I just let it be..but untill one day..I get bored!! There's no ads from Kontera to display. I try my best to find more keywords but still cannot see ads appears on my blog. That was my first situation and experience using Kontera.

And the second is, the earning is too little compare to others. Maybe I am the one who said like that..and I am the only one who feel that Kontera is no longer my friend..And I do not much know how to use it anymore..
For me..Kontera is good..but finally I found better than her..that is "Adsense"
Goodbye Kontera..

p/s: In In-Text ads, I prefer " infolinks " than "kontera"