May 29, 2010

The Power Of Facebook

 facebook!! facebook!! facebook!!

All we know that facebook is the most pupular and famous book around the globe now. Am I right? Everyone of us nowadays ( I Can Say That) should have a facebook account. Either you are an active facebooker or not. Now, I have 2 facebook account, and one facebook page of this website, and one for...and bla bla bla..
Everyday just after I woke up, the first thing I will do is..switch on my computer, and login  my facebook account and check  if there's a notification for me. But recently I'm not the one who active on facebook since I have to prepare to further my study soon. But sometime, I feel hate to use facebook. But I have to. There's the only way to connect me and my friends, If I run out of credits on my phone.

Actually there's many things can do on facebook...
Selling your products, or to promote your business, Clickbank, Affiliate, and bla bla bla.. (I assume that you know) and most interesting I have done on facebook : searching for your soulmate? shhhh... it's a secret between you and me.
The conclusion is, there's many things we can do on facebook. Promoting your business, by tag-ing all your friends on facebook on a photo of your business's related things. As what many IM all over the world do now. But be carefully, sometime people will hate  people who tag his/her photo with something sucks and no use at all.

Creating an account for your business is the effective way to improve your internet businesses. (Facebook Page) Or an another account of you, so that you can invite all your friends to join your page thus enable peoples to know a bit about it.
I am newbie. This blog I created just for fun, to share my life, and share something that need to be shared. I was accidentally to be a blogger. And I not much addicted to my blog actually, but I'm going to fall in love with my blog slowly..and slowly..because of you guys!! Who willing to leave your comments here. Thank you for your support and I will try to reply all your comments on this blog, and try to leave a comment to your website.