May 7, 2010

My Adsense PIN No Arrived!!

Finally my Adsense PIN No arrived this early morning, May 7, 2010. I woke up late this morning and did'nt realise that there's many latter in my latter box outside. Oh, there's a letter from Google Adsense Support. I opened it with smile and smile again.Just 2 months, in Adsense, I learned many things to make money online. For those who still do not know what is Adsense, you should ask google itself. Because from there you will have a good explanation.

Ok guys, what I want to share here is that, I really like how adsense works. I can get US$ 1.00 per click through AFC and not bad also through my AFD.And here I want to share it to you. You're lucky to find this site so I can share many more to you guys, on my next tutorial on how to earn money online.

Here's a tips, my secret, playing with keywords on my AFD! And that is the most popular keywords among the others. Target visitors also is important thing in order to make your first $1.00. I assume that all you know what I mean with AFD.And for those who want to try AFD, why not you try it? just buy some domain name or maybe you can do it using a free domain! It is easy as ABC!
Have a good try!! Say no to "Blackhat" technique, stay a pro!!