May 25, 2010

Mr Bean Would Like To Be MALAYSIAN!!

Hello Malaysia!! Did you proud of that? When someone from abroad would like to be MALAYSIAN? Damn you are if you never proud to be Malaysian. Even though I know that I would like to get out from Malaysia one day to further my study and gain more experience.

Ok just forget about my story, there's no need for you to know about my personal. Nobody want to read if I put all my story inside.
Now Mr Bean is a Malaysian? Oh my gosh!! If it's true..I am the first human will be very proud because I am the one of his loyal fan among the

He now live in "Sabah", Borneo Malaysia. Sad he's not in
Whatever it is, it is just a rumor gossip created my Malaysian just for fun.
FYI, since small, I used to be a good listener of his matter, and his movies, until now. For me, he's special among the specialness..
His acting make me feel free and enjoy all time laughing when watching his movie. He never make me sad.
Ok guys..sorry for the short entry..
Happy blogging everyone! Have a great day!