May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Just a photo.. A day to remember.. happy Mother;s Day! 

This is the thing that my "Big Bro" just gave to my mom, this early evening when my mom and I go searching for my pants!! to bring to my hostel next month! Guess what it is? Want to know? Got a piece of "Cheese Cake" inside!! LoL. That was amazing! I like to eat cheese!! I said to myself, just this?? Urmmm.. yeah.. maybe it's better than never.

But at the end, I am the one who help my mom to finish it. yumm.. cheese cake for my mom.. finally.. almost all of them landed up in my stomach!! HAHA.

Whatever it is.. Mother's Day should be celebrated everyday in our life. Put your hands up if you not agree with me. A day to remember..a cheese cake for me..I want it too..for next year..for Children's Day!!

p/s: Sorry for the short entry.. I think.. if I write long also no use because our Malaysian lazy to read! HAHA. jk..jk.. Happy Mother's day everyone!!