May 31, 2010

Drama Arjuna On TV3

A  Malay Drama Arjuna 
Every Monday, 9.00pm. 
Only on TV3!! 

Synopsis :

KRU Studios published a series Malay Drama, Arjuna  that tells us the nature of mystical ocean controlled by the evil power called the "Gempita Merah"

Have been considered that a hero named Arjuna spelled it is capable to destroy (Gempita Merah) The battle between Arjuna and the "Gempita Merah" is the most wonderful thing ever witnessed.

Starring : Remy Ishak, Riz Ainuddin, Nora Danish, Ery Putra, Fikri Bakar, Ana Dahlia, Aman Graseka, Kuswadinata, and Komeng. The Drama Arjuna will be first broadcast on 31st May 2010 , every Monday, 9.00pm.

Release date :2010.
Country : Malaysia.
Language : Malay.
Disributed by : KRU Studios Sdn Bhd.

It has been so long since I last watched the last Malay Warriors, such as Hang Tuah and hang Jebat, Hang Li Po, and the gangs. The last Malay Worrior played his roled on The Last Movie of  The Malay Warrior named Hang Tuah in Puteri Gunung Ledang. 

Now I have a new chance to watch them again in this Drama. It's seems like a good improvement of the Malay Film in Malaysia. Like what the others country do on their film, this is a good action made by the Malaysian, for the Malaysian Film Industry. Support our local brand please... 
I think that these kind of movie such as Puteri Gunung Ledang should be produced more and more so that Malaysian Film Industry can compete to others, to be same level with them, or  maybe better than them!! 

p/s : The Storm Warriors (Malaysian Version) will release very soon!! Don't believe me? believe it!!! serious i'm joking!