May 12, 2010

1 Month 2 Go..

Can we guess how many humans up there? 

If you can, just tell me the answer because until now I still cannot find the answer. Luckily I am not the one who live there. Thanks god. It has been twice since I last update my blog by the pictures of African.. Who did read my entry before they will know and noticed that. 

This picture I got from someone through my facebook. Maybe I am going to not update my blog after this, since I have to prepare for my study soon. Still got 1 month to go. I will stay in a hostel, and make some new friends. For those who read my entry before might know that I am going to persuade my study  "Diploma In Civil Engineering" in Polytechnic Kuching, Sarawak. For those who will going to study in same place with me just inform me ya?

Yesterday i receive a caled from them, inform me that there's a mistake with the date. The date when I am going to register myself. FYI, i am going to register by myself there, or maybe with my big bro, since my parent are not here. 

I need to prepare early because my parent will going to Penang next month, on the same date with my registeration date. So sad to here that. 
So many things to buy from now. I hope 3 years will gone so fast! I need to pack up so many what the picture above tell us. They are going to move soon, far far away from here..HAHA

p/s: once again I am very sorry because the picture above. I have no related picture to display. HAHA