May 31, 2010

Drama Arjuna On TV3

A  Malay Drama Arjuna 
Every Monday, 9.00pm. 
Only on TV3!! 

Synopsis :

KRU Studios published a series Malay Drama, Arjuna  that tells us the nature of mystical ocean controlled by the evil power called the "Gempita Merah"

Have been considered that a hero named Arjuna spelled it is capable to destroy (Gempita Merah) The battle between Arjuna and the "Gempita Merah" is the most wonderful thing ever witnessed.

Starring : Remy Ishak, Riz Ainuddin, Nora Danish, Ery Putra, Fikri Bakar, Ana Dahlia, Aman Graseka, Kuswadinata, and Komeng. The Drama Arjuna will be first broadcast on 31st May 2010 , every Monday, 9.00pm.

Release date :2010.
Country : Malaysia.
Language : Malay.
Disributed by : KRU Studios Sdn Bhd.

It has been so long since I last watched the last Malay Warriors, such as Hang Tuah and hang Jebat, Hang Li Po, and the gangs. The last Malay Worrior played his roled on The Last Movie of  The Malay Warrior named Hang Tuah in Puteri Gunung Ledang. 

Now I have a new chance to watch them again in this Drama. It's seems like a good improvement of the Malay Film in Malaysia. Like what the others country do on their film, this is a good action made by the Malaysian, for the Malaysian Film Industry. Support our local brand please... 
I think that these kind of movie such as Puteri Gunung Ledang should be produced more and more so that Malaysian Film Industry can compete to others, to be same level with them, or  maybe better than them!! 

p/s : The Storm Warriors (Malaysian Version) will release very soon!! Don't believe me? believe it!!! serious i'm joking!

May 29, 2010

The Power Of Facebook

 facebook!! facebook!! facebook!!

All we know that facebook is the most pupular and famous book around the globe now. Am I right? Everyone of us nowadays ( I Can Say That) should have a facebook account. Either you are an active facebooker or not. Now, I have 2 facebook account, and one facebook page of this website, and one for...and bla bla bla..
Everyday just after I woke up, the first thing I will do is..switch on my computer, and login  my facebook account and check  if there's a notification for me. But recently I'm not the one who active on facebook since I have to prepare to further my study soon. But sometime, I feel hate to use facebook. But I have to. There's the only way to connect me and my friends, If I run out of credits on my phone.

Actually there's many things can do on facebook...
Selling your products, or to promote your business, Clickbank, Affiliate, and bla bla bla.. (I assume that you know) and most interesting I have done on facebook : searching for your soulmate? shhhh... it's a secret between you and me.
The conclusion is, there's many things we can do on facebook. Promoting your business, by tag-ing all your friends on facebook on a photo of your business's related things. As what many IM all over the world do now. But be carefully, sometime people will hate  people who tag his/her photo with something sucks and no use at all.

Creating an account for your business is the effective way to improve your internet businesses. (Facebook Page) Or an another account of you, so that you can invite all your friends to join your page thus enable peoples to know a bit about it.
I am newbie. This blog I created just for fun, to share my life, and share something that need to be shared. I was accidentally to be a blogger. And I not much addicted to my blog actually, but I'm going to fall in love with my blog slowly..and slowly..because of you guys!! Who willing to leave your comments here. Thank you for your support and I will try to reply all your comments on this blog, and try to leave a comment to your website.

May 25, 2010

Mr Bean Would Like To Be MALAYSIAN!!

Hello Malaysia!! Did you proud of that? When someone from abroad would like to be MALAYSIAN? Damn you are if you never proud to be Malaysian. Even though I know that I would like to get out from Malaysia one day to further my study and gain more experience.

Ok just forget about my story, there's no need for you to know about my personal. Nobody want to read if I put all my story inside.
Now Mr Bean is a Malaysian? Oh my gosh!! If it's true..I am the first human will be very proud because I am the one of his loyal fan among the

He now live in "Sabah", Borneo Malaysia. Sad he's not in
Whatever it is, it is just a rumor gossip created my Malaysian just for fun.
FYI, since small, I used to be a good listener of his matter, and his movies, until now. For me, he's special among the specialness..
His acting make me feel free and enjoy all time laughing when watching his movie. He never make me sad.
Ok guys..sorry for the short entry..
Happy blogging everyone! Have a great day!

May 22, 2010

Oh.."Laoshi" Saya Tidak Bodoh...Terima Kasih Datuk...

Read this story until you get bored. Unbelieveable? Believe's really damn funny!! lets get laugh..ooops..sorry..not laugh meh? loud? oh ya.. HAHA...
Feel free to tag some of your friends in facebook?
Ok now straight to my point now is...I want to laugh more and more!!
Can? want to join the club? My new club on Facebook? " Kelab Ketawa 1Malaysia" !

Unbelieveable? believe it!! serious.. I'm lying......
Actually this is not the main idea to post on my blog for today..but..the idea suddenly comes when I remember, that I already brought my "New Pendrive 4GB" from " the shop shop that just in fornt of my house" and this thing I already save in my pendrive before..only now realise this.."the best damn funny thing.."
Guess how much 4GB Pendrive cost now? RM40? for me..RM40 is too much!! I just bought if for RM30.
(Still expensive for me, eh..laoban..give me for free can mah?

Ok that's enough..actually today I want to talk again about Kontera, my ex girlfriend..but I think I will talk about it later after this entry.. See you soon...

May 19, 2010

Say Goodbye To Kontera..

Did you guys ever heard about Kontera? If not let me explain to you. How about if I say that kontera is a kind of Japanese Food? Yeah..serious..I'm lying..

Ok now let straight to the point. Kontera is PPC program, just like Adsense, but it's a bit different, that enables you to be a publiser on "In-Text" ads in your website...and bla bla bla...
For more information..just read the whole story here at  Kontera  but wait until you finish read this whole my story about Kontera.

For those who want to try to earn some money through it..and lazy to read my full story because you want some money, just go here....

It has been quite long since I last joined Kontera. At frist, I am quite satisfied with my current earning through it. But at the end, I tear off my Kontera ads on my blog, since there're no ads from Kontera to display..At first, I just let it be..but untill one day..I get bored!! There's no ads from Kontera to display. I try my best to find more keywords but still cannot see ads appears on my blog. That was my first situation and experience using Kontera.

And the second is, the earning is too little compare to others. Maybe I am the one who said like that..and I am the only one who feel that Kontera is no longer my friend..And I do not much know how to use it anymore..
For me..Kontera is good..but finally I found better than her..that is "Adsense"
Goodbye Kontera..

p/s: In In-Text ads, I prefer " infolinks " than "kontera"

May 16, 2010

Thomas Cup 2010 Final : CHINA win 3-0 INDONESIA

As expected, China finally win their 8th Thomas Cup, right here in Malaysia, 2010.
Not much to say, here's the result for Proton BWF Thomas Cup 2010.

First Single:

1. Lin Dan VS Taufik Hidayat
    21-7, 21-14 

First Double :

2. Cai Yun/Fu Hai Feng VS Markis Kido/Hendra Setiawan
    25-23, 16-21, 21-12

Second Single:

3. Chen Jin VS Simon Santoso
    19-21, 21-17, 21-7

Well Done China!! See you again next 2 years!

May 14, 2010

Thomas Cup 2010 : Goodbye Malaysia!!

Say Goodbye to Thomas Cup 2010. After Malaysia lose 0-3 to China on semi-final. I am the one who very sad just after our No. 1, Lee Chong Wei can't beat Lin Dan, No. 2 in the world of Badminton. I can say that Lin Dan, No. 1 in the world of Badminton, and might be a "God of Badminton" Agree with me?

Actually I am too lazy to write this post since I frusted that Malaysia lose to China! So guys for those who did'nt watch live, sorry I can tell you details. I am lazy, because I frusted. I am very confident that Lin Dan can be defeated by Lee Chong Wei, but at the end, I turn off my TV just after he lose to Datuk Lin Dan!

Lin Dan win against Lee Chong Wei  
21-17, 21-8.

The second match, between Koo Kien Kiat/Tan Boon Heong also lose with  
Cai Yun/Fu Hai Feng.
15-21, 10-21.

While the third match, Chen Jin, is too hard for Wong Chung Han to win.Chen Jin win against Chung Han,
21-16, 21-7.

So the Spirit of  92 has been buried  under the coral

Sorry Malaysia, Thomas Cup will not be yours..see you next time.. :'(

May 12, 2010

1 Month 2 Go..

Can we guess how many humans up there? 

If you can, just tell me the answer because until now I still cannot find the answer. Luckily I am not the one who live there. Thanks god. It has been twice since I last update my blog by the pictures of African.. Who did read my entry before they will know and noticed that. 

This picture I got from someone through my facebook. Maybe I am going to not update my blog after this, since I have to prepare for my study soon. Still got 1 month to go. I will stay in a hostel, and make some new friends. For those who read my entry before might know that I am going to persuade my study  "Diploma In Civil Engineering" in Polytechnic Kuching, Sarawak. For those who will going to study in same place with me just inform me ya?

Yesterday i receive a caled from them, inform me that there's a mistake with the date. The date when I am going to register myself. FYI, i am going to register by myself there, or maybe with my big bro, since my parent are not here. 

I need to prepare early because my parent will going to Penang next month, on the same date with my registeration date. So sad to here that. 
So many things to buy from now. I hope 3 years will gone so fast! I need to pack up so many what the picture above tell us. They are going to move soon, far far away from here..HAHA

p/s: once again I am very sorry because the picture above. I have no related picture to display. HAHA


May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Just a photo.. A day to remember.. happy Mother;s Day! 

This is the thing that my "Big Bro" just gave to my mom, this early evening when my mom and I go searching for my pants!! to bring to my hostel next month! Guess what it is? Want to know? Got a piece of "Cheese Cake" inside!! LoL. That was amazing! I like to eat cheese!! I said to myself, just this?? Urmmm.. yeah.. maybe it's better than never.

But at the end, I am the one who help my mom to finish it. yumm.. cheese cake for my mom.. finally.. almost all of them landed up in my stomach!! HAHA.

Whatever it is.. Mother's Day should be celebrated everyday in our life. Put your hands up if you not agree with me. A day to remember..a cheese cake for me..I want it too..for next year..for Children's Day!!

p/s: Sorry for the short entry.. I think.. if I write long also no use because our Malaysian lazy to read! HAHA. jk..jk.. Happy Mother's day everyone!!

May 8, 2010

Semakan Keputusan Permohonan Kemasukan Ke Politeknik Jun 2010

Tahniah! Permohonan Anda Berjaya! First thing that make me happy this morning just after wake up from sleep. Finally I can get into IPTA. Bravo!! 
For those who are still do not know that today, May 8, 2010 the result will announce and just has been announced. Here's the link. just click Semakan Keputusan Permohonan Kemasukan Ke Politeknik Jun 2010 .
Hope I will here a nice smile from you. For those who failed this time. Do not worry, as what peoples tell me that, there's always second chance outside. Maybe this is not suit for you. But if you still want to go for IPTA, the chance is still available now. Just appeal for it. 

That's all the entry for today.Just want to share a whole world that, what peoples said to me is sometime true, there's no give up and there's still got second chance outside. So guys good luck in your life.

May 7, 2010

My Adsense PIN No Arrived!!

Finally my Adsense PIN No arrived this early morning, May 7, 2010. I woke up late this morning and did'nt realise that there's many latter in my latter box outside. Oh, there's a letter from Google Adsense Support. I opened it with smile and smile again.Just 2 months, in Adsense, I learned many things to make money online. For those who still do not know what is Adsense, you should ask google itself. Because from there you will have a good explanation.

Ok guys, what I want to share here is that, I really like how adsense works. I can get US$ 1.00 per click through AFC and not bad also through my AFD.And here I want to share it to you. You're lucky to find this site so I can share many more to you guys, on my next tutorial on how to earn money online.

Here's a tips, my secret, playing with keywords on my AFD! And that is the most popular keywords among the others. Target visitors also is important thing in order to make your first $1.00. I assume that all you know what I mean with AFD.And for those who want to try AFD, why not you try it? just buy some domain name or maybe you can do it using a free domain! It is easy as ABC!
Have a good try!! Say no to "Blackhat" technique, stay a pro!!

Try To Sleep With A Broken Heart?

Ever had a bad dream before? And ever try to sleep with a broken heart? Actually that what is happened to me now. I can't sleep well recently, thinking of my future. I keep thinking of who I am, and what will I be after this. I have failed to get into IPTA and still blur what to do.

And I am confuse too, why I am not selected to go for IPTA . Got someone who only got single or only 2A for SPM still can go for University, but I am NOT!! Why should be like this? I wonder how they work on it? choosing people to get into universities.

Whatever it is, I talk to myself that, it must be something wrong with "myself." Be cool, maybe this is not my time and I still got chances out there. It might be a test for me from god. For those who succeed to get into universities after this, well done! congratulations to you.

p/s: Sorry for the picture above. I do not have any other nice picture to display on this entry's title

FYI, that is my part time job in home. Since I have nothing to do now. So I like to take pictures around me, anywhere anytime.Would you like to be like me? Dare to take a picture of a crocodile like what I have done in the picture above? Unbelievable? Believe it..

May 3, 2010

Semakan Tawaran Ke Tingkatan Enam Bawah 2010

For those (last SPM 2009 candidates) you can check wether you're  selected to further your study in Form 6 online on .
For those who are not selected to further your study in IPTA can check and think again to further your study in Form 6.

I have check mine and thank God I have been chosen to further my study in Form 6 at the same school, after I have failed to get in IPTA. The registration is on May 10, 2010. And for those who have no choice where to study after this, these might be your last chance.

For those who are not selected to go form 6, do not be afraid, there still got many big chances out there. If you still want to go for form 6, but not selected you may appeal for that.

But I still searching for IPTS, and waiting for Polytechnic result that will be on May 8, 2010. If I am selected to go for Polytechnic, I will go for that. I hope I will selected to go further my study there in Polytechnic since that is my last chance to get into IPTA.
For me there's many privilege if I am going to study in IPTA. Wish me luck ya? Hope will see you guys there!

Who Said Orang Utan Cannot Cycling?

Walking Grass aka Rumput Berjalan

See..who said orang utan do not know how to use bicycle. Here's the proof. I never seen orang utan know how to cycling. Only now I realise that orang utan aka orang rumput also know how to use bicycle.

Didn't believe it? please believe it. Yeah..I just get this funny picture recently through my facebook. And I feel so funny when I 1st don't know what this picture all about.
Only after look at this picture twice then I know, it might be a human, not a orang utan as what I mention above lol.

I can't imagine if I were him. I think if I were him, just in a minute, I will drown! Drown in the air. Or maybe end up with an accident. I don't know where that guy want to sent that things.. it led me to think where it should be sent. For those who watch this, please don't try this at home..but in toilet you may lol!!

If you need help to clean up your your garden, or still searching for those who can work under you, please contact this guy. He will never let you down!