Apr 5, 2010

Wan Kuzain Wan Kamal - Malaysia Next "Lionel Messi"


Just watch this video from the beginning till the end.. How much you know about football? If you really crazy about football, you will going to love this kid, Wan Kuzain Wan Kamal, the next hero of Malaysia. Since before, since our last hero  "Super Mokth" our Malaysian Football standard is still in "Standard Kampung Pinang Sebatang"  (Main Kampung) and hope tomorrow will be a good day for us to have a good football players. Since we lost our last hero, SuperMokth, our Malaysian football standard become lower and lower..increase and improve.. but at the end become weaker and weaker again.

As a Malaysian, I am not going to blame anyone else, the coach or the association, but it is all about the player itself. How good your coach is, how expensive your football boots is.. even there's "Sir Alex Furgerson"  who will replace "Raja Gobal " , if the player did'nt have a spirit inside to play for Malaysia, there's no point to talk about World Cup. Just forget about it.

What we really need now is only the spirit, commitment, and discipline if we want to see Malaysia perform in ASEAN World Cup, be the ASEAN's leader first, be the champion of ASEAN football, be the tiger of ASEAN, then from that, we are going and able to talk about the real "World Cup."

And as for me whatever it is, our Malaysians must support our Malaysian Football more than you support your EPL Club because if we're not give support to them, who else that going to support them? How much you support your EPL Club.. there's no use at all because if they win also they will not going to share something for you.

Go Harimau Malaya!