Apr 28, 2010

My New URL For My Blog

Hello world, I have changed my blog url from www.mybloghour.blogspot.com to www.mineblogwebsite.blogspot.com due to certain problems related to my blog to perform well, and this new name might be better than the old one. The old name one sound like a child's blog right? So now I have changed my blog url.

But what I very sad that I lost my traffic to my blog because recently I wont updated my blog because I am busy. Whatever it is, this blog just for my interested and hobby. The core bussiness that I think most important is to study more about Internet Marketer, Business, AFD , Forex, Affiliate and many more! I just create some park domain for my AFD and searching new good keywords to increase my earning through my AFD, to maintain USD2.00 per day. Happy blogging everyone!