Apr 3, 2010

My Name is : Pejuang Anak Bangsat

My Name Is Pejuang Ak Bangsat.


Do you guys know him? 

And How About This One?

Or How About This One?? 

Or Maybe This One??? 

Or You Guys Really Know Who Is This Guy?? 
Some people will say no, and some will say yes. And you're
the beautiful liar if you guys say "no".

Or Maybe this is just a normal to you guys.. Yeah, It's true. Normal Right??
And No wonder why peoples hate "UMNO"
So what's now? need something to say?? Just say it here.
Let me know which one is true, which one is wrong.
I am newbie.

These pictures  I get from "Anak Muda Benci UMNO" through my facebook last year. But I don't know why when everytime I see these pictures for a zillion of time, I feel sad, thus  lead me to share these pictures in my blog.
This is what really mean "Pejuang Anak Bangsa" especially for the malays in Malaysia. Have take a look on this picture and think, and think again. Sad? Hate? all these feelings sure will be inside all people who read this and view this picture.Oh yea.. I am 18 this year. If  I am in wrong place...please take me back to the right track. I am really sorry..

NOTE: This is not a politician blog!!