Apr 10, 2010

Life Without Phone

Do we really need a mobile phone for our life? And how about money? Do the same answer for that? And the answer is maybe yes, and maybe not. Do you guys know that I can stay alive without my phone? Yes it is.. true.. I can life without mobile phone. 
For a month, I only need to spend RM 5-10 to reload my prepaid, and I never run out of credit, last aku reload my phone is on January 2010 sampai sekarang belum habis. Aku guna Celcom SOX
But some of my friend spend RM 10-50 per month using their phone.  

So now I can smile and proud that I am the only one human who can survive without a mobile phone, but I swear, I cannot live without Internet!! Everyday I need to read a book.. and that is facebook..And I am happy I am can save my money to buy something, or to buy my new phone. 

FYI, I never have gf yet.. maybe that is  why I only use RM 5-10 per month through my phone. Sad right? handsome boy like me no gf yet.. aku tahu aku handsome time kt sekolah byk aweks2 nak cuba couple dangan aku tapi aku tolak semua sebab aku nak study dulu nak jadi macam Donald Trumph! And for those interest to text with me, can call or sms me at this no : 015-50000000 or find me on www.cariaweks.com