Apr 17, 2010

Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College

Another offer from Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College. I just received it today. Money again? and again and again? I think yeah it's true. I feel that everyday is saturday for me since I have nothing to do yet, sing a song, watch movie, do my blog - walking, video game, searching for free download games, software, and most important is waiting for my result to enter Polytechnic or another IPTA or government university. Just after that than I will think it back to go for IPTS in Malaysia. 

I do not know why this is the 10th offer for me while my SPM result was very very bad. I think they only want my money rather than to see me in the University. 
I wonder why this time...seems like the time is running slow and steady. As I sing a song about time.. why you run so slow? Quickly! I can't stand for this anymore. I can't wait.Every single second, I count, how many days more to go..to the red carpet when the upu result would be announce, and when I can enter to study back.
I miss my friend out there, I miss the teachers, and I miss the moment that I used to be a good student.