Apr 20, 2010

Heaven Or Hell? Which One Would You Choose?

If you can choose the road easily without doubt, because you know that if you lost, you can also turn back and choose the another road. But why cannot you choose between "Heaven" or "Hell" ? Does it a same situation like what I mention just now? Totally yes, it is not. But is it very good as good as heaven if I can choose like how I choose the road, and  as I choose the clothes.

I know, I am not as good as you. But believe me, I also want to choose to live in heaven with smile.I am too shy to ask God that would you want to approve my application to get enter to your VVIP room? Only god knows..and may GoD bless me.....and peace be upon to him, MUHAMMAD. If I can choose like what on the picture above..for sure I will going to choose to live in heaven...pray for me yeah?