Apr 29, 2010

Alternative Bicycle, Somewhere Else In Africa

Alternative bicycle, in somewhere else in Africa. I'm proud to live here. There's a big gap between us, while Malaysian's Child play at tha playground with happiness, and our teenagers happy doing their project, clubbing in the night and laugh, there's different in here somewhere else in Africa.

The children play only to hunt for the food, never go to school, not well educated, and never have a chance for study. While their teenagers busy hunt for the money, to live. There's no Education for them. Epidemic diseases , spread throughout their country. Proud to live in peace and harmony and wealth here. Whatever I want to get, usually I can get it easily as long as you get money.

I am not really sure that where is the place, but I am pretty sure that it was in somewhere else in Africa. And I hope someday, I will, and  I want to go to that place, somewhere in poor country in Africa. So Malaysians, don't you proud that? I am lucky to live here, and especially to be born as Sarawakian, the place that special for me, like no other in Malaysia.