Apr 7, 2010

Adamaya Slot Akasia TV3

I am going to love this Malay Drama very much when I first watch it for the first episode. It is very interesting drama. What make me stay to watch this drama is the OST! The song theme very nice. IfAnd so do the heroin. So watch this drama on TV 3 now. If someone know the song, share it here OK? This might be one of my favorite Malay drama on TV 3, instead watching 8TV and NTV7. So for those who love to watch drama whether Korean or Malay, and for the Malays out there who love watching Korean Drama, why not you try this? " Asyik Cuci mata tengok Korean Actress yang seksi saja tau punya orang! Haiya.. bagi malu saja" Got so many Korea Celup in my facebook account. All fake one..paiseh...

"Gua sudah insaf.. gua mau jaga mata gua..sembahyang gua mesti ada.. nanti gua tak mau gua masuk neraka."