Apr 30, 2010

Don't Forget To Brush Brush Your Teeth Everyday.

Need help ? Busy searching for a dentist in  order to whiten your teeth or to brush your teeth? Busy searching a Whitening Teeth Software?? for you? Do not worry. I will find something new for you. Here it is. The best specialist among the specialist in the world. He will clean your teeth as clean as he could clean his own teeth using his own special machine!!

But I am afraid that your teeth will gone after this. I do not know if got this person in this world. Maybe world will end after this.

Dare to face and meet with him? I am pretty sure that you won't! Put your hands up if you dare to find him. But yes I do! I didn't dare to meet with him.

So guys don't forget to brush your teeth everyday yeah? Your health is most precious than your money. Got money, got happy, but if your health got problem? So how come you will be happy and happy again.

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Apr 29, 2010

Alternative Bicycle, Somewhere Else In Africa

Alternative bicycle, in somewhere else in Africa. I'm proud to live here. There's a big gap between us, while Malaysian's Child play at tha playground with happiness, and our teenagers happy doing their project, clubbing in the night and laugh, there's different in here somewhere else in Africa.

The children play only to hunt for the food, never go to school, not well educated, and never have a chance for study. While their teenagers busy hunt for the money, to live. There's no Education for them. Epidemic diseases , spread throughout their country. Proud to live in peace and harmony and wealth here. Whatever I want to get, usually I can get it easily as long as you get money.

I am not really sure that where is the place, but I am pretty sure that it was in somewhere else in Africa. And I hope someday, I will, and  I want to go to that place, somewhere in poor country in Africa. So Malaysians, don't you proud that? I am lucky to live here, and especially to be born as Sarawakian, the place that special for me, like no other in Malaysia.

Apr 28, 2010

Creative Malaysian

Malaysia move fowards since Mahathir stepped down? Maybe yes? Now what I want to talk here is only for the above picture. Really nice when there's Malaysian who really creative. Others than me-rempiting, there's other good activity that might interested by Malaysians teenagers like me is to men-cycling and men-drifting.

I do not know how they can convert their bicycle to Yamaha RX-Z. And after this maybe they can convert Perodua Kancil to Nissan Skyline? or maybe Ferrari? who knows right?

This is a good sign shown by teenagers of Malaysia. I am proud of that. But sometime, this was a shameful made by Malaysians. Think it back again.

My New URL For My Blog

Hello world, I have changed my blog url from www.mybloghour.blogspot.com to www.mineblogwebsite.blogspot.com due to certain problems related to my blog to perform well, and this new name might be better than the old one. The old name one sound like a child's blog right? So now I have changed my blog url.

But what I very sad that I lost my traffic to my blog because recently I wont updated my blog because I am busy. Whatever it is, this blog just for my interested and hobby. The core bussiness that I think most important is to study more about Internet Marketer, Business, AFD , Forex, Affiliate and many more! I just create some park domain for my AFD and searching new good keywords to increase my earning through my AFD, to maintain USD2.00 per day. Happy blogging everyone!

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Apr 27, 2010

Malaysia Say No To Sex Education In School

p/s: Boleh jahanam pelajar sekolah dan anak Malaysia jika ia dibiarkan. Sepatutnya kita ajarlah anak cucu kita dengan Pendidikan Agama yang sebetulnya, bukannya Pendidikan Seks. 
"Malaysia had made a good choice"

KUALA LUMPUR: Sex Education is unnecessary in Malaysian schools and will not be introduced as a specific subject, the Dewan Negara was told today.

Deputy Education Minister Datuk Puad Zarkashi said at present, elements of sex education in schools are already incorporated in a subject known as social and reproductive health studies.The subject was introduced in secondary schools in 1989 and in primary schools in 1994."Social and reproductive health studies is taught under health education and encompasses curricula of a wide variety of subjects such as biology, science, additional science, moral studies and religious education," he said."As such, there is no need for a specific subject called sex education," he added.This decision appears to close the discussion on sex education in

Malaysia, an issue which has received support from some ministries and organisations.

The Women, Family and Community Development Ministry for instance held a seminar recently for students on social and reproductive health in anticipation of sex education being introduced as a formal subject.

Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil has expressed concern on the matter in light of a recent spate of abandoned babies. The National Union of Teaching Profession (NUTP) has also come on record to support the proposal for sex education in schools, although secretary-general Lok Yim Pheng voiced some reservations. She said teachers are not confident in teaching sex education as they have acknowledged the lack of formal training in the complexity and sensitivity of the subject.

In his reply to questions by Senators Doris Sophia Brodi, Datuk Daljit Singh Dalliwal, Datuk Zainun Mat and Dr M. Malasingam, Puad said social and reproductive health studies teachers have attended courses held by experienced trainers."These courses are designed to expose the teachers to the proper approach which should be adopted in teaching the subject."Our present syllabus also includes modules on the importance of making the right decisions where sex is concerned," he said.

Replying to Brodi's supplementary question, he said parents should also play their role in discussing sex education with their children and advising them accordingly.
"This will lessen the sensitivity factor related to sexual activities."Parents cannot leave the issue of sex for teachers to handle, they must also speak to their children about it.

Source: NST online

Apr 20, 2010

Heaven Or Hell? Which One Would You Choose?

If you can choose the road easily without doubt, because you know that if you lost, you can also turn back and choose the another road. But why cannot you choose between "Heaven" or "Hell" ? Does it a same situation like what I mention just now? Totally yes, it is not. But is it very good as good as heaven if I can choose like how I choose the road, and  as I choose the clothes.

I know, I am not as good as you. But believe me, I also want to choose to live in heaven with smile.I am too shy to ask God that would you want to approve my application to get enter to your VVIP room? Only god knows..and may GoD bless me.....and peace be upon to him, MUHAMMAD. If I can choose like what on the picture above..for sure I will going to choose to live in heaven...pray for me yeah?

Apr 17, 2010

Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College

Another offer from Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College. I just received it today. Money again? and again and again? I think yeah it's true. I feel that everyday is saturday for me since I have nothing to do yet, sing a song, watch movie, do my blog - walking, video game, searching for free download games, software, and most important is waiting for my result to enter Polytechnic or another IPTA or government university. Just after that than I will think it back to go for IPTS in Malaysia. 

I do not know why this is the 10th offer for me while my SPM result was very very bad. I think they only want my money rather than to see me in the University. 
I wonder why this time...seems like the time is running slow and steady. As I sing a song about time.. why you run so slow? Quickly! I can't stand for this anymore. I can't wait.Every single second, I count, how many days more to go..to the red carpet when the upu result would be announce, and when I can enter to study back.
I miss my friend out there, I miss the teachers, and I miss the moment that I used to be a good student.

Apr 15, 2010

Ripley's Believe It Or Not

For today's entry is about something strangest happened around us. Yeah it is true..but sometime it is hard to believe.. but it is true.. believe it..
Just take a look at that picture..strange right? Weird?? anyone can tell who it seems look like what? 
Sorry for these short entry. Enjoy guys...
And don't forget to leave your comments here.

Apr 13, 2010

Ice Kacang Puppy Love


ICE KACANG PUPPY LOVE, 初恋红豆冰, A-Niu 阿牛, Fish Leong 梁静茹, GARY CHAW 曹格, Victor Wong 品冠, NICHOLAS TEO 张栋梁, PENNY TAI 戴佩妮, YI JET QI 易杰其. IN CINEMAS 15 APRIL.

Ah Niu's  film, "Ice Kacang Puppy Love" will be coming soon this April 15, 2010. Watch This Trailer. Funny oh? And I think this movie will going to a great movie because have Malaysia Local Flavor and Ice Kacang. HAHAHA Sorry for the short entry guys. I need to do something instead of blogging now. I know I am going to be a good student and will going to further my study soon. And don't forget to leave a comment here.

Synopsis :  "Ice Kacang Puppy Love" is based on Taiwan-based Malaysian Ah Niu growing up in Penang. In this directorial debut, he also stars as the boy who is a little shy. It's love at first sight when a girl moves to his forsaken Penang village and he grows up with her through primary and secondary school. However, she's a bit of a tomboy who can fight off bullies while he's so timid that he can't even make coffee at his father's shop 

Source: www.cinema.com.my  

Apr 10, 2010

Life Without Phone

Do we really need a mobile phone for our life? And how about money? Do the same answer for that? And the answer is maybe yes, and maybe not. Do you guys know that I can stay alive without my phone? Yes it is.. true.. I can life without mobile phone. 
For a month, I only need to spend RM 5-10 to reload my prepaid, and I never run out of credit, last aku reload my phone is on January 2010 sampai sekarang belum habis. Aku guna Celcom SOX
But some of my friend spend RM 10-50 per month using their phone.  

So now I can smile and proud that I am the only one human who can survive without a mobile phone, but I swear, I cannot live without Internet!! Everyday I need to read a book.. and that is facebook..And I am happy I am can save my money to buy something, or to buy my new phone. 

FYI, I never have gf yet.. maybe that is  why I only use RM 5-10 per month through my phone. Sad right? handsome boy like me no gf yet.. aku tahu aku handsome time kt sekolah byk aweks2 nak cuba couple dangan aku tapi aku tolak semua sebab aku nak study dulu nak jadi macam Donald Trumph! And for those interest to text with me, can call or sms me at this no : 015-50000000 or find me on www.cariaweks.com

Apr 8, 2010

Be my fan on facebook

Kalian sudah solat??

Now everyone can fly.. eh what I am talking about?? lol. Oh ya I just create my blog fan page yesterday and only got 23 fans. I need more fan on my facebook, and make friend there. cari awek di facebook.  Please be my friend if you really like this blog. And leave your comment if this blog is not good enough, syok sendiri or apa yang tak puas hati whatever you feel when read this blog.

Apr 7, 2010

Adamaya Slot Akasia TV3

I am going to love this Malay Drama very much when I first watch it for the first episode. It is very interesting drama. What make me stay to watch this drama is the OST! The song theme very nice. IfAnd so do the heroin. So watch this drama on TV 3 now. If someone know the song, share it here OK? This might be one of my favorite Malay drama on TV 3, instead watching 8TV and NTV7. So for those who love to watch drama whether Korean or Malay, and for the Malays out there who love watching Korean Drama, why not you try this? " Asyik Cuci mata tengok Korean Actress yang seksi saja tau punya orang! Haiya.. bagi malu saja" Got so many Korea Celup in my facebook account. All fake one..paiseh...

"Gua sudah insaf.. gua mau jaga mata gua..sembahyang gua mesti ada.. nanti gua tak mau gua masuk neraka." 

Apr 5, 2010

Wan Kuzain Wan Kamal - Malaysia Next "Lionel Messi"


Just watch this video from the beginning till the end.. How much you know about football? If you really crazy about football, you will going to love this kid, Wan Kuzain Wan Kamal, the next hero of Malaysia. Since before, since our last hero  "Super Mokth" our Malaysian Football standard is still in "Standard Kampung Pinang Sebatang"  (Main Kampung) and hope tomorrow will be a good day for us to have a good football players. Since we lost our last hero, SuperMokth, our Malaysian football standard become lower and lower..increase and improve.. but at the end become weaker and weaker again.

As a Malaysian, I am not going to blame anyone else, the coach or the association, but it is all about the player itself. How good your coach is, how expensive your football boots is.. even there's "Sir Alex Furgerson"  who will replace "Raja Gobal " , if the player did'nt have a spirit inside to play for Malaysia, there's no point to talk about World Cup. Just forget about it.

What we really need now is only the spirit, commitment, and discipline if we want to see Malaysia perform in ASEAN World Cup, be the ASEAN's leader first, be the champion of ASEAN football, be the tiger of ASEAN, then from that, we are going and able to talk about the real "World Cup."

And as for me whatever it is, our Malaysians must support our Malaysian Football more than you support your EPL Club because if we're not give support to them, who else that going to support them? How much you support your EPL Club.. there's no use at all because if they win also they will not going to share something for you.

Go Harimau Malaya!

Cipan Make World Crazy


Apr 3, 2010

My Name is : Pejuang Anak Bangsat

My Name Is Pejuang Ak Bangsat.


Do you guys know him? 

And How About This One?

Or How About This One?? 

Or Maybe This One??? 

Or You Guys Really Know Who Is This Guy?? 
Some people will say no, and some will say yes. And you're
the beautiful liar if you guys say "no".

Or Maybe this is just a normal to you guys.. Yeah, It's true. Normal Right??
And No wonder why peoples hate "UMNO"
So what's now? need something to say?? Just say it here.
Let me know which one is true, which one is wrong.
I am newbie.

These pictures  I get from "Anak Muda Benci UMNO" through my facebook last year. But I don't know why when everytime I see these pictures for a zillion of time, I feel sad, thus  lead me to share these pictures in my blog.
This is what really mean "Pejuang Anak Bangsa" especially for the malays in Malaysia. Have take a look on this picture and think, and think again. Sad? Hate? all these feelings sure will be inside all people who read this and view this picture.Oh yea.. I am 18 this year. If  I am in wrong place...please take me back to the right track. I am really sorry..

NOTE: This is not a politician blog!!