Mar 15, 2010

Hate Chinese, Hate Malay? Why Hate Each Others? We're All The Same!!

"Malaysia moving backward since Mahathir stepped-down.. or
Malaysia moving forward when Najib sit-down?"

I am very disappointed when discover that our Malaysians way of thinking level is still same and low standard way of thinking like Indonesia, India, and others countries that same level with it. a.k.a Third Worlds Counties. What was shocking me that is our country Malaysia is also same level with them but in different class. Just look at what will I display here. This is an examples of stupidest Malaysian I ever met before. 50 years independent, but still like 5 years old children way of thinking, but maybe 5 years old children may better than them.  What is the point to do all this?? And the most stupid thing that this page also have stupid person to join the club! I feel I want to laugh at Malaysians.

This is what I mean. And this is only 3 of zillion of them.
Our Malaysian still in low standard country level or maybe 5 years behind Singapore!! Oh my Malaysia.. Corruptions, Crime, and Racism is everywhere.. For UMNO people who read this, and for others, please report this page on facebook. Hope the Government of Malaysia will take action seriously about this issue. Otherwise, it will become worse. And hope this page will remove and get banned from facebook soon. Oh my Malaysia. Is this all what UMNO did to us? separated us? I still not that sure.  

p/s: Hebat sangatkah jadi Melayu? hebat sangatkah Ketuanan Melayu?? ada apa pada Melayu? hebat sangatkah jadi seorang Cina? Jadi seorang India? ada apa pada Cina? ada apa pada India? kita semuanya sama sahaja. "Darah kita semua sama warna"  This is the real and "The True 1Malaysia" actually.. 

"We hate Racism"

For those who really understand what I mean, congratulations to you. But for the one who cannot, just think it back and back again.. I no need to write more here because I know that you guys  good enough to think. (I think so)
So..yeah.. so so...



  1. Yup.. really sad.. but funny too.. ingatkan org malaysia semua bijak2 tapi ada jugak yg bodoh2.. main kaum2 mcm budak kecik.. come on lah.. isu kain isu lapok lah.. sudah2 lah main isu perkauman..x malu la dgn jiran sebelah Singapore.. org S'pore ketawa terbahak2 bila baca ini..

  2. pembetulan : isu kaum isu lapok oleh politik malaysia dan dunia kuno!!

  3. yeah.. thats true.. any.. wonder 2 know who you are! good way of thinking man..

  4. cina babi!! aku benci cina!! pergi balik lah kau!! bodoh!! CINA BABI.

  5. relaks bro... bukan mcm tu caranya selesaikan masalah.. Islam x ajar benci membenci semua ini.. kita marah pun, marahlah secara berhemah.. mari kita report page ni..

  6. kenapa nk benci cina?
    dorg yg byk bantu ekonomi melayu?
    melayu nk org respek melayu tp melayu x respek kaum laen? ape 2?
    kalo mcm nie smpi ble2 malaysia x maju..
    cina tnggu mase je nk rmpas pntadbiran malaysia nie kalo kte same2 melayu pown brgaduh pasal mnde2 bodoh..

    tp ak stuju la pasal quote nie : "Malaysia moving backward since Mahathir stepped-down.. or
    Malaysia moving forward when Najib sit-down?"

    ak rase its true..
    start dr zaman abdullah badawi, die x bwa malaysia ke mane2 pown..
    lcterur ak kate die 2 mangsa keadaan.
    ak pown xtaw.

  7. Changing a culture & mindset requires more than 2 generations. It's sadden to see how big racial polarization have given impact to our own social development.

    You may want to read more in one article written in my blog:


  8. hehe.. touchy isuue. and no doubt it attracted the wrong kind did it?

    i hope everyone would just grow up and realize a person (whatever race that person is) is an individual. and should be treated as an individual, not as a group.

    and oh..
    a person who remains annonymous and shouts profanity (whatever race that person is) is of no balls and it is not their fault their parents conceive them 'deformed'

  9. i only know that Malay culture was used to be slow and relax ...but does it reflects laziness?

    Do you think majority Malays are lazy?
    Do they suck the TAX money and feeds to their younger generation?

    Definitely NO!!!
    The problem is the CHinese was OVER Hard WORKING!!! They seldom pray to GOD and work all their way for materiaL prosperity. It was well sang in their CNY songs. MONEY and more MONEY!!!

    I know that China, Taiwan, Singapore and all other migrated Chinese all over the world were mostly hardworking, intelligent, self sufficient and very adaptable to make their life shines just like the Jews did.

    But please stop harassing the Malay even they were slow and lazy at work ...we have to know it was well nurtured habit of attitude by the system that makes them as they are .... or did they born with this gene???

    We need to respect each others and help the needy. As God had said - forgive those who had manipulate you. Even though they parasite your fortune but let shows enemy your compassion and mercy.

    So, your life will be greatly blessed and live eternally with God.

  10. yeah!! i agree.. actually its our false to blame each other.. especially UMNO!! hehehe.. ( i think la )

  11. this is actually what UMNO want, always play a malays issue, racist! then when sth bad happen, they will blame on chinese!! jiak sai!! hate UMNO forever..but didnt mean I hate the malays.. better dun ask me when i fill my form later on about my race!! if u dare, i will put"fuck you" on that form later on. Im am not malay, chinese or indian, I am Malaysian!! -UMNO, oh UMNO..-

  12. ya la.. all hate2 ni just arose the hot temper inside. no good.. we have to love all human race, avoid weapon and guns.. our children can prosper :)

  13. ya.. Alpha Uce.. its not about money lah. aigoo... money sometime never make ppl happy.. (^_^)

  14. Ini lah stratergy kotor Umno.... Hasut orang Melayu supaya benci cina, jumpa orang cina, kata kita semua bersatu, jumpa orang India, hasut benci Islam.....

    Akhir sekali, Melayu undi Umno, Cina undi MCA, India undi MIC, UMNO berkuasa.... Diorang makan harta rakyat, diorang kaya,

    Sedangkan kita semua SAMA, manusia, makan, minum, berak busuk...... Esok lusa MATI.. Apa yang hebat sangat..??

  15. parti berasakan kaum sepatutnya dihapuskan sama sekali!! di abad ini. UMNO patut lenyap dr muka bumi ini. hebat sgtkah jd seorang melayu?? UMNO dulu, kini dan selamanya tetap sama! mainkan isu perkauman utk raih undi byk!! hidup PR!

  16. i hate this sentiment in Malaysia. Malay hate chinese, chinese hate malay.. aku xde pun rs apa2 bila bkawan dgn chinese.. tp ada sentimen mcm ni, aku jd x selesa... kita kan rakyat malaysia.. relaks la..

  17. betul tu.. sempit betul fahaman mereka.. padahal kita manusia darah semua sama sahaja..

  18. politics n racism...super duper dirty..but we must hv a bit of knowledge bout it..

  19. very happy to see mature comments from this site. Just wanted you to know that most politicians (whether umno,mca,mic,etc) are businessmen also. some politicians will play sentiment to gain votes, then when in power, they will abuse and gain profit.

    Fikirlah baik-baik kenapa politician susah-susah nak masuk politik. Bukan untuk "serve" rakyat ! Samada melayu,cina atau india, tak penting sangat...yang penting ingat kita "rakyat". Politician = Government "servant". Mereka patut serve rakyat. Harap rakyat jangan terpedaya.

    PS> Malay & chinese do not hate each other. Maybe, culture a bit different. Tapi we all hate politicians that create racial issues !

  20. so much chinese ppl was respect malay,but still malay never respect on us. i just hope malaysia can peace again
    they have just forgot what mean is 'Satu Malaysia'

  21. Saya orang Bidayuh di Sarawak. Kami orang petani biasa tetapi orang Cina di Sarawak sudah curi Tanah kepunyaan nenek moyang saya dengan main ugut dan nak bunuh keluarga oran kaum kami. Tanah kampung kami mengandungi bijih timah.

    Saya faham kenapa orang Melayu benci Cina. Seperti orang Bidayuh, orang melayu juga orang petani yg mahu hidup simple sahaja semantara Cina mahu cari duit yg membuat mereka tamak.

    Tengok sebuah syarikat di Sarawak nama Rimbunan Hijau (Kepunyaan Cina), pernah membunuh orang Bidayuh, Iban, etc di Sarawak dan sekarang pernah bunuh orang di Papua New Guinea.

    Kami orang cuma minta dihormati, bukan dijajah, dibunuh, diugut. Kalau nak minta sesuatu, minta laa cara baik.

    Itu laa sebab orang Melayu sudah menjadi macam orang Cina. Menjadi manusia yg tamak.